Have you added your business to Apple's Business Connect?

Have you added your business to Apple's Business Connect?
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April 04, 2023

What is Apple Business Connect and do I need it for my business? Yes, you do need it for your business. Let me explain why...

Apple Business Connect is their 'Google Search Console' also known as Google My Business that is replacing Yelp. If you hadn't noticed over the last many years, Yelp.com was the provider of local business info such as hours, address, reviews and more on Siri, Apple Maps and Safari.

What can Apple Business Connect do for your business?

  1. Drive traffic to your business via Apple Maps, Siri and Safari
  2. Showcase photos and logos of your business
  3. Drive action to your business: order food, make a reservation and or advertise specials or promotions
  4. Tap to pay via Apple Pay

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