Four Types of Automations You Should Be Using for Your Mailing List

Four Types of Automations You Should Be Using for Your Mailing List
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December 02, 2020

Chances are, if you have a business, you have a mailing list. However, if you're just using your mailing list as a megaphone to amplify your sales and new products, you're likely leaving money on the table.

By using our marketing automation features, you can increase your open rate, qualify customers for future offers, and build customer rapport with a minimum of time investment. 

Your campaign types will depend on your business type, industry, and goals, but all kinds of businesses can benefit by implementing these four automations as part of their email marketing plan.

  1. Onboarding Series - An onboarding series is a series of emails that are triggered by an initial sign-up and are sent out over the period of the first days or weeks after someone has joined your list. They can increase initial engagement and reduce the likelihood of later messages being marked as spam. Typically, they span three to five different emails on a variety of related topics.
  2. Birthday Email - By adding a birthday field in your initial sign up form, you can trigger a birthday card or special birthday discount to be sent out to list members on their special day. Even if you choose just to send a short message, it personalizes the customer's interactions with your business and increases goodwill, improving the likelihood of future purchases.
  3. Anniversary Email - Particularly if you're in a service industry like fitness or business coaching, sending an email on the date of the client's anniversary can help increase the sense of community and encourage repeat visits by reminding them that their presence and patronage is appreciated and valuable.
  4. Reengagement Email/Series - You can certainly run reengagement campaigns manually to encourage repeat opens of your email and continued purchasing, but it can also be good practice to run an automatic reengagement campaign. The ability to do this varies with the email marketing service provider, but often you can trigger this campaign any time a customer has not opened the last several messages. Try including a special offer or coupon to entice them back. If they don't respond to this email, they can be tagged for future reengagement campaigns or removal.

The bulk of your email communication should be individually crafted to reach engagement and revenue goals. However, supplementing your efforts with targeted automation can help you get the most of your email marketing investment with minimal additional effort.

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