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2020 eConsulting is a team of web designers, programmers and search engine marketing experts that are all focused on making your marketing tasks more effective with less effort.

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The Hog Wallow Pub
The Hog Wallow Pub

Entertainment, Restaurant

Business Consulting & Digital Marketing Plans

2020 eConsulting offers a unique "retainer like" plan that allows your company the flexibly to use their list of services at one reduced flat rate. Plans start as low as $427 per month and can be tailored to suit the outcome of your business goals.

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The Full Experience from Consultation to Implementation

The strength of 2020 eConsulting is forming long term relationships by building, proving and maintaining results for your business. Customers of 2020 receive monthly to daily consultations to review business goals, web analytics, on and or offline sales, database building and marketing. Based on the results of the collected data they will help you design and implement a plan of attack to ensure your business reaches or exceeds your sale or web conversion goals.

The Founder

The company was founded by Darren Farnsworth in 2008. Farnsworth has been doing website development and business management projects specializing in verticals such as automotive, wireless, high-tech and small business over the past two decades. His wealth of experiences has made him a great resource to several business owners and marketing managers.

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