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Content Freshness: Is Stale Content Hurting Your Website's Search Rankings?

Content Freshness: Is Stale Content Hurting Your Website's Search Rankings?

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In the realm of search engine optimization (SEO), content and search rankings are closely connected. Your website's content will directly influence where it ranks in the search results. However, high-quality content alone isn't always enough to secure first-page rankings. You'll need to keep it fresh. Neglecting to consider content freshness in your SEO strategy will result in stale content that drags down your website's search rankings.

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Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Our philosophy is that businesses should focus on adding fresh content on their website. Many times small businesses spend their time adding new content to social media and let their website go stale. Let 2020 build a system in which your website posts your new content to social media. You’ll find that your website traffic and conversions, such as sales and sign-ups will go up.  Learn more

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The strength of 2020 eConsulting is forming long term relationships by building, proving and maintaining results for your business. Customers receive monthly to daily consultations to review business goals, web analytics, on and or offline sales and marketing. Based on the results of the collected data they will help you design a plan of attack to ensure your business reaches or exceeds your sale or web conversion goals.  Marketing Services

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