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Mobile Applications

Is your company considering a mobile app? We specialize in mobile and web applications. More times than not, you can achieve most functionalities in a web app or through your mobile website.

Just two years ago, in 2018, average Americans spent more than three hours a day using mobile applications. This is up from two hours per day five years ago.

For businesses, the cost of developing applications is vital to ensuring long-term profitability, providing them with competitive advantages, as well as increasing customer loyalty. What’s more, customized apps work to retain clients to convert opportunities into leads. This is a primary factor for why the development of custom mobile applications is so appealing to businesses!

2020 eConsulting is comprised of experts who specialize in creating custom mobile applications for businesses. We create one-of-a-kind websites that are designed to maximize your online business!

There are many advantages to leveraging custom mobile apps for your business. One primary benefit is that they improve employee productivity. For example, custom mobile apps provide your employees opportunities to conduct business where it makes the most sense.

Mobile applications can also generate more revenue for businesses. So while your company can use internal apps to improve employee productivity, you could also release apps to your customers. You could even charge for the application or additional services provided by the app.

Would you like to increase customer loyalty? Mobile apps can do just that! According to Adobe, 67 percent of on-line shoppers, who use their mobile devices to make purchases, prefer applications offered by their favorite companies and brands!

How about strengthening the bottom line for your business? Mobile applications increase sales and project revenue in the e-commerce and m-commerce segments. This is according to Forbes.

So if you want to join the scores of businesses who gain these distinct competitive advantages, turn to 2020 eConsulting. We make it possible for you to optimize the design and effectiveness of your website by creating custom mobile apps tailored to your unique needs. At 2020 eConsulting, it is our mission to create an exceptional website for your company that is strategically designed to optimize your on-line business potential!

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