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What do you expect to happen with your digital marketing if you aren't properly monitoring your website analytics with Google Analytics?

Website analytics is a broad term used to describe a variety of optimization techniques. These techniques include the collection, organization, and analysis of data taken from various Internet sources. The information acquired through these sources is used to market your company to a targeted audience, with the goal to attract more customers to your website. A thorough analysis by 2020 eConsulting can greatly improve your company's marketing capabilities and lead to higher profit margins.

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This is what we have found when doing Google Analytic audits for potential clients

  • Most companies don't own their analytics accounts.
    1. This means that if you change to a different marketing agency or different website provider, you'll lose your historical data.
  • Most Google Analytics accounts are not setup properly.
    1. Spam and/or internal traffic is interfering with your website analytics.
    2. Search queries are not integrated from Google Webmaster to your Google Analytics account.
    3. Goals and/or conversions are not setup.
    4. Your Google Adwords Account is not integrated.

Salt Lake City and northern-Utah-based companies have benefited tremendously from 2020 eConsulting's expertise in website analytics. Using the information obtained through a complete analysis of your website and potential audience, we can target specific consumer groups, drawing the ideal customers to your website. Targeted marketing techniques like these can have a positive impact on a company's bottom line.

Companies located throughout northern California and the Bay area, including San Francisco, San Jose, and the Silicon Valley can also benefit from 2020 eConsulting's experience in website analytics. Whether your goal is to attract more local clientele or expand your influence to a wider audience, our analysis team can help you make the most of your marketing efforts. This type of concentrated marketing can be much more effective than most mass marketing techniques.

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