Internal Website / Intranet for your Business

Internal Websites

2020 eConsulting has designed internal websites for many of their clients to increase productivity and communications.

If you want to enhance the efficiency of your company, and bolster the morale of your employees, then it makes sense to your bottom line to create an internal website for your business!

An internal website, also known as Intranet, is the online portal for your company, containing all of the information that keeps your business operating. A thriving Intranet is one where your employees come back to stay abreast of everything they need to optimally perform their job responsibilities.

These internal websites are designed to enable your employees to share information and files with their colleagues within your company’s computer system. 2020 eConsulting has created many of these Intranets as an integral part of their website creation services!

Sharing information where your employees already are translates into less context switching and less wasted time. You can also leverage your internal website to send information through your company’s Intranet for company-wide announcements.

Other Advantages of Having an Internal Website

  1. Knowledge Management — Your company likely has a lot of information to store. Typically, knowledge is stored across many platforms that include email, Word Documents, Google Drive, etc. Instead of relying on these tedious expeditions, use your Intranet as a central one-stop shop for all company-wide information where your employees find what they need quickly and easily.
  2. Improves Collaboration and Feedback — Most Intranets have social features like @-mentions, comments, easy document sharing, and some form of notifications. Using mentions and comments assists you in bringing together the right people at the right time to contribute work.
  3. Create Engaging Content — A successful Intranet makes it easy to produce engaging content of any type, as in a blog post, meeting notes, a marketing campaign strategy, or product specifications.
  4. Create a Transparent Culture — Surveys indicate that an overwhelming number of job applicants want to work for a transparent company. An Intranet is one significant way to improve communication while also getting universal buy-in from your employees and boosting morale.

At 2020 eConsulting, we can design an internal website that is uniquely tailored to the needs of your company!

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