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Internal Websites

2020 eConsulting has designed internal websites for many of their clients to increase productivity and communications.

Internal websites, also known as intranet, can be a great advantage for companies with numerous employees. These websites are designed to allow employees to share information and files with other employees within a company's computer system, or they can be incorporated into your own public website when logged in. 2020 eConsulting has designed many of these as part of their website creation services.

When an employee is logged in to your public website, they would be able to see additional resources such as:

  1. Logos, Artwork, and Documents
  2. Notes, References, and Contacts
  3. Employee Calendars
  4. Accounting
  5. Employee Training

Companies located throughout Northern California and Utah have used these internal websites with great success. 2020 eConsulting can design an internal website specifically tailored to the needs of your company. These sites can include areas for employee announcements, interoffice memos, and document review; and all in a completely secure location only accessible by those with the proper clearance.

Many Salt Lake City and Bay Area (San Francisco, San Jose) businesses have used internal websites as a means to eliminate the need for paper documents within the workplace. Company announcements no longer need to be printed and handed out to every member of the company. Instead, an employer can simply post the announcement on a dedicated part of the website, and every employee will be able to view the document on their computer.

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