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Company Branding

What should my company logo look like? What colors are best for my company? Which shape of a logo works best for social media?

Positive company branding & company logo is essential to establishing a customer base for any Internet or brick and mortar business. 2020 eConsulting can analyze your particular market and competition and provide strategies to optimize your company's name recognition. A well-established brand name can create an increase in customers and customer retention.

Salt Lake City based companies can use a 2020 eConsulting company branding strategy to expand their business reach outside of the state of Utah. Developing a recognized company brand is essential to marketing your product and services to a wider audience. Our branding techniques have a proven track record of success and can help provide a broader customer base for your company.

Northern California based businesses that wish to expand beyond the Bay Area can also benefit from a 2020 eConsulting company branding campaign. A recognizable brand name attached to a local San Francisco company can be parlayed into a multi-regional business with the right marketing and branding strategies. Our expertise in this field can significantly expand your company's recognition on the Internet.

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