5 Easy Ways to Boost Conversion Rates for Your Online Business

5 Easy Ways to Boost Conversion Rates for Your Online Business
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February 24, 2022

You build an e-commerce website and populate it with high-quality, original, search-friendly content that attracts targeted traffic. Each time a visitor takes action on your site, such as signing up for a newsletter, downloading an e-book, or clicking through to a sales page, that's a conversion. The conversion rate is a measure, expressed as a percentage of all traffic, of the number of people who convert from casual visitors to prospects or customers.

There's a clear correlation between rates at which visitors convert and your profits. The more visitors convert, the more customers or prospects you have and the more money you make. Even a high-traffic site won't make money if it's not converting.

But a high-traffic site with only a small conversion rate can still make a reasonable profit, as can a low-traffic site with a high conversion rate. A high-traffic website with a high conversion rate is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. To have the best chance of reaching that pot of gold, use the following five easy ways to boost conversion rates.

1. Social Sharing and Social Proof

Add big, bold social sharing buttons to your site. Make sure they're visible next to all your core content. If your site is popular on social media, choose buttons that display the number of times someone has shared your content. People are more likely to share content they see is popular, and they're more likely to convert.

If you've received positive feedback on social media, via email, or on your contact page, don't waste it. Display those comments on your pages. Happy customers convert new visitors not only with positive reviews for a particular product or service but by building trust in your brand. That's called "social proof."

2. Be Easy to Contact

Many people are still cautious about online transactions. If your business address, email, and telephone contact details are visible and easy to find, you show visitors that your company is genuine. FAQs and a live chat box all help build trust and break down barriers to conversion.

3. Trusted Site Signs, Award Badges, and Credibility

Any genuine seal of approval badge or logo you can display on your site is good for business. Trust emblems and seals of approval from awarding bodies build credibility and increase conversion. Don't wait for them to come knocking at your virtual door, either. Contact the relevant organizations, such as the Better Business Bureau or Verisign, and ask them to consider your site.

4. Offer Money-Back Guarantees

A money-back guarantee always boosts conversion. The longer the term of assurance, the better; 90 days is a reasonable length of time. If you offer subscription-based services rather than goods, provide a free trial period and make it easy for the customer to cancel if they wish.

5. Optimize Sales Pages

Your content will bring in the traffic and lead your visitors to your sales pages. Optimizing sales pages to boost conversions is simple. The keys are to:

  1. Make sure that there's nothing else to click on the sales page other than the subscribe or buy now button. No advertisements, no other offers, not even an email sign-up. Give your visitor no options but to leave or convert.
  2. Make a clear call to action (CTA). Don't leave your potential customers in any doubt about what they should do next. Tell them. The call to action should be simple, direct, and actionable. "Grab Your Free Download Now" and "Click Here to Order" are good examples.

Keep Track of Conversion Rates

Whether you use Google's analytics or other software, track your conversions to see which content, sales pages, and CTAs convert best. However high your conversion rates are, there's always room for improvement. Monitoring how your visitors behave on your site is crucial to making evidence-based improvements.

Conversion rates are the final and most crucial link in the chain of successful e-commerce and online business. Without conversions, it makes no difference how well-designed or popular your website is; you won't make money. But you can implement these five easy ways to boost conversions, track the results, and watch your profits grow.

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