What the hell is a QR Code? Can it help my Business?

What the hell is a QR Code? Can it help my Business?
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June 03, 2010

You have probably seen these weird looking barcode boxes in a few different stores or print media. They are called QR Codes.

They can be created to send someone to a customized link, dial a custom telephone number, send a text or to display custom text.

QR Codes, Quick Response Codes, were mostly used to track inventory but have become more popular in the marketing world.

How Can I Try Scanning a QR Code?

There are different apps that you can download for your phone. For example, I have installed a free app for my iPhone called QR Reader. I just open the app, it opens my camera,  and frame the QR Code in my phone – and Done!

How Can can a QR Code help my business?

  1. Add them to Any Print Advertising you do (business cards, direct mail, post cards)
  2. Create your QR Codes to link to a special offer on your website or to dial sales
  3. Have them posted at the front door and link to your Google Business Listing to push ratings, store hours & etc.

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