Social Media Aggregation and Syndication

Social Media Aggregation and Syndication
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June 07, 2018

Regardless of your business size, effective use of social media is a crucial tool for creating and maintaining client relationships, building brand awareness, and targeted promotion of products and services.

Successful social media starts with a presence on many networks and is maintained by the ability to react quickly on those platforms by delivering timely, relevant, and nearly continuous content to your key targets. Social Media Aggregation and Syndication is an important tool to assist your overall Digital Marketing Campaign, and can be your go-to tool to streamline and improve your workflow, saving time and increasing your bottom line.

Better Social Media

Social Media Aggregation by 2020 eConsulting is the command center for your resident Social Media guru. Aggregation continuously delivers information from your networks into a centralized location, making it easy to quickly spot trends regarding your brand and react to them intelligently. 2020’s Social Media Syndication infrastructure makes it easy for your team to push new content to multiple social media sites. Your brand ambassador can use this valuable library to connect with and expand their communities, leading to stronger and more defined brand image, better relationships with key targets, more leads, and increased sales.

Build Your Community, Build Your Sales

Influential voices in social media are the most effective developers of social communities, and social communities foster the genuine sales leads that increase your sales. 2020’s Social Media Syndication allows your channel partners to enhance their platform presence by providing relevant quick access to relevant content and deliver it at the most opportune time. Syndication also allows your brand to quickly adapt to a change in brand guidelines or digital marketing strategy, avoiding the dreaded social media tumbleweeds that result from too few updates.

Optimize Your SEO Naturally

Modern eCommerce places a huge emphasis on your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking, and for good reason. 90% of users looking for a product or service using a Google search will only consider the first page of SERPs. Effective Social Media Syndication by 2020 eConsulting increases your page ranking by improving your SEO. Active and engaging social media links back to your website will allow your organic growth in page rankings, without manipulating ranking algorithms or sacrificing content that engages your key targets for content that engages the search robots.

Social Signals: Measuring Success

Social signals are indications of human interaction on your social media platforms. Likes, shares, pins, views, votes and even dislikes and downvotes are commonly used to demonstrate the relative popularity of a brand or specific piece of content. 2020 eConsulting’s Social Media and Aggregation provides a dashboard that gives the in-depth analytics required to demonstrate the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaign. Or even the insight you need to make adjustments to your strategy to improve your results.

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