Best Website for Restaurants 2022

Best Website for Restaurants 2022
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August 22, 2022

A Smart Automated Restaurant Website allows you to do much more with the least amount of effort. If you add or edit a menu item, it will automatically change on your website, printable menu (.pdf), and your menu display (TV/s). You can also easily set rules to have new menu items post to Google Maps, Social Media and Email with no additional effort.

Owning and or managing a restaurant is tough work. Normally you’re wearing multiple hats. Why wear the Marketing Director hat too when you can have a Smart Automated Website for as low as $427/mo?


PROBLEM: Too much time to edit all of the digital and offline menus.

How much effort is needed to just simply change the price to one or more menu items? Most restaurants that I go to have the most or all of the following:

  1. QR code link to a PDF 
  2. Menu on a website
  3. A printed menu
  4. TV displays of menu items

So, if a new item is added to the menu, how many steps do you need to take to adjust all of these?

  1. Do you need to message your printed menu designer to add new items?
  2. Do you need to login to your website and your TV display website to change the price too?

SOLUTION: Our smart automated websites only require one place to make all of the changes.


PROBLEM: It takes several hours to post to make one post to social media, send an email, and post on Google My Business.


Does your restaurant send emails? If so, how much effort is needed to post that email? Generally, we’ve found that it takes two to four hours per email. Our smart automated websites automatically do the dirty work of collecting email addresses and sending emails based upon a schedule, new menu items or news / blog story.

Social Media

If a new menu item is added, do you post to social media? And if you do, do you post it to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter? Stressing you out already? We get it. That’s why our smart automated websites post for you using dynamic hashtags, image, price and more.

Google My Business

I am sure you can admit that Google My Business is a huge source of traffic to your restaurant. Do you ever post on it? If you weren’t aware, you can now post to your Google business page just like you would on Facebook and the like. And guess what?... Yep, thats right, our smart automated websites post to GMB with an image, text and a link back to that menu item or news story on your website.

SOLUTION: Our smart automated websites do all of this for you on a predetermined schedule.


If your restaurant has events such as live music, comedy or other entertainment, your smart automated website will:

  1. Display these events automatically on your TV display/s
  2. Send Automated emails about the events
  3. Post on a schedule to social media and Google My Business: “Happening next month” Happening next week” and “Happening tomorrow” 
  4. Events can be dynamically added and linked to the printable or downloadable menu.


Nothing captivates a website visitor as much as video. Our websites have the ability to add an autoplay video to each page that displays beautifully on desktop, tablet and mobile.


Do you offer take out? Why pay a third party a percentage of your hard earned profits when you can provide your customers the ability to checkout on your website instead.

Our ecommerce package allows for quick checkout via Apple Pay, Google Pay or PayPal as well as traditional credit card checkout.


Our websites are designed to be uber easy to manage with our custom content management system (cms). Private or Group Training is included with your monthly package.


If this intrigues you, we can build you a website that matches the feel and the colors of your business. Contact us to learn more.

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