Affordable Customer Relationship Management Solutions

Affordable Customer Relationship Management Solutions
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September 01, 2009

CRM / Customer Relationship Management is often spoke about in the business world no matter the size of the business. Does your business use one? Does your business use it to it’s fullest potential?

Why use a CRM / Customer Relationship Management?

  1. To keep your customer & prospect data organized
  2. To help measure advertising or marketing campaign success
  3. Utilize & segment your customer and or prospect data for one to one marketing through email campaigns & direct mail
  4. To have follow up reminders for sales, support and etc
  5. To gauge your employee performance

Affordable Customer Relationship Management Solutions

2020 eConsulting has installed a variety of Customer Relationship Management systems for clients. Our current favorite, when it comes to affordable CRM Solutions is Zoho. The program is pretty robust and can operate starting under $10 for four users. So far, the greatest disadvantage to Zoho is their customer support. But, you probably have guessed, 2020 eConsulting can help tailor this program to your business for a nominal fee.

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