Create a Blog, News or Review Article


  1. Accessible under the "Reviews & News" resource (page) which is expanded under the "About Us" resource (page) [Click on the triangle to expand to "Reviews & News" ]
  2. Click on the green "New Article" button
  3. Add your "Article Title"
  4. Add your article "Description"
  5. Add your article "Summary"
  6. TIP: Don't loose your work and click the green "Save" button
    1. You may see an "Error" if you haven't completed the "Required Fields" ie "News or Review?"
  7. Add your article "Content". TIP: Be sure to follow Best Practices
  8. Add your article "Tags"
  9. Go to the "Template Variables" tab
  10. Then go to the "News" tab on the left and choose "News" or "Review"
  11. If this artticle is a "Review", go to the "Reviews" tab on the left and complete the applicable fields
    1. Name of Reviewer
    2. Link of the article (Full link with http:// or https://)
    3. Logo of the reviewer
  12. Then go to the "Photos" tab on the left and add up to 4 images. Learn more about Adding Photos
  13. Fill out the page then review your work by pressing the green "View" button on the top right
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